To provide and manage a five-star mobilehome/manufactured housing community with competitive rents that provide the best value in the local area. We will be fair and reasonable in all our dealings with our residents. Our managers will be trained and professional in all aspects of managing the community.


To provide safe and well-maintained communities for our residents peace and enjoyment. To keep our residents informed and strive to treat them with respect and reasonableness. To train our managers so that they are the best in the industry. To benefit our respective investments by maintaining our communities in quality condition.

Statement of Objectives:

We are a family owned company in the business of owning And operating manufactured housing communities. We have been in this business since 1964. We hold these communities for long term investment.

We know that contentment, security and peace of mind are the desires of our residents. Therefore, it is to our mutual benefit that we endeavor to provide safe and well-maintained common areas and facilities. We attempt to create a happy, wholesome environment by providing various community services which includes services for our senior residents.

Our experience has shown us that mutual respect, concern and communication are the governing principles of good management-resident relations. Therefore, we continually work at keeping our residents informed and we strive to treat them with respect and reasonableness and ask that they treat us in the same way.

We feel we have the best managers that can be found. The company continues their training and updates their knowledge of the industry by sending them to manufactured housing association seminars on a regular basis. Our managers are the primary authority in charge of the community and we work closely with them giving them guidance and the backing they need to run the everyday operations.

We strive to maintain our communities in quality condition not only because we like it that way but also because we know the residents want it that way. Needless to say, if the community is well maintained, you will feel better about maintaining your home; this creates an upward spiral that can only benefit our respective investments as well as enjoyment.

“We appreciate your confidence in us by choosing one of our communities to make your home

The HCA Management, Inc. Team